Incoming students Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy


  • Exchange programs such as Erasmus Studies or Traineeship
  • Exchange with partner institutions outside Erasmus
  • Degree students
  • PhD's

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1. Exchange programs

Exchange programs are only possible for students from established partners (= a bilateral agreement exists between both our institutions).

Unfortunately we cannot accept postgraduate students for an Erasmus exchange.


Exchange programs such as Erasmus can include:





Extra information

Clinical Placement



See further

Always contact before starting the application to discuss the possibilities. Minimal level of participating students: 3rd bachelor, with prior clinical placement experiences (min. 8 to 10 weeks).

Master course Clinical Reasoning in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy



Course specifications

Full semester course, February-May with exam assignment. Limited compatibility with clinical placement in February-March-April. It is possible to do clinical placement from the end of April/beginning of May.

International Module on Pediatric Rehabilitation



Course specifications

This course runs over 2 weeks (the 2 weeks before the official Easter holiday in Belgium), during which time the student cannot do clinical placement. Minimal level of participating students: 3rd bachelor.

International Module Healthcare Studies




!International Module Healthcare Studies NOT AVAILABLE in 2024-2025 unfortunately!

A course organised by our partner university college Arteveldehogeschool. Physiotherapy students can take the first 2 preparatory weeks of the course (start: usually at the beginning of February), during which time the student cannot do clinical placement.

This course will not appear on the Transcript of Records, a separate certificate will be provided by Arteveldehogeschool.

Language courses (English or Dutch only)



Website UCT

Dutch: Dutch for exchange students 1, reduction (voucher) for incoming students, course materials remain payable (2022: 65 €). Other courses: student price. Courses run a full semester (Sept-Dec or Feb-May).
Language courses are NOT part of the physiotherapy curriculum, application through Please make sure you can follow a language course (check the dates against your program with us, check availability, check the price, register) before putting it on your Learning Agreement. The credits will not appear on the Transcript of Records, the UCT provides a separate certificate.

Research placement



4 weeks, application: see further

Minimal level of participating students: 3rd bachelor.

Clinical Placement

We accept students of 3rd bachelor level and up, who have had prior experience with clinical placement (at least 8 to 10 weeks).

We can accept students for 10-12 ECTS of clinical placement, depending on the semester and the availability (please check with us what is possible).

Please note that we offer placement for 28 hours/week, and we assign approximately 1.2 credits per week. Upon arrival, students can ask their mentor to come in full-time, but we cannot guarantee anything beforehand.

Please note that we work with specific placement periods and that incoming students will be required to follow these periods. It is not possible to do half a period. In the first semester (starts 2nd half of September) we have 5 weeks - 5 weeks - 4 weeks, in the second semester (starts early February) we have 4 weeks - 4 weeks - 4 weeks - 4 weeks.  An exchange student can do 2 periods. Each period, the student will experience a different clinical setting. These settings can be in hospitals, private practices, rehabilitation centres, elderly homes,... in Ghent but also outside of Ghent, but always reachable by bicycle, bus or train. Students cannot choose which setting or which clinical field. Appointed periods and clinical settings will depend on availability.

Please note that very occasionally, students are asked to work one Saturday per placement period.

Sometimes the total placement period is a little shorter than the minimum period required by the Erasmus program (2 months for Erasmus Training, 3 months for Erasmus Studies). This has to be discussed beforehand, so we can find a solution (extra course, extra hours,...) to make sure the student can stay the required period as to not endanger the Erasmus scholarship.

Due to the increasing interest in our physiotherapy program - especially for clinical placement - and a continuing shortage in clinical placement settings, we see ourselves obliged to set a limit to the number of students we can accept each semester. We do our best to accommodate as many students as possible, and to work out a program to every student’s need, but to ensure the quality of both our exchange program and the clinical experience, we might see ourselves unable to accept students, or obliged to postpone their stay with one semester.

Always contact to discuss the possibilities before starting your application.

Research placement

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences accepts students (3rd bachelor and up) who come to Ghent University for at least 3 months. The research placement takes 4 weeks, 28 hours/week, 5 ECTS. Your evaluation will be based on your performance and attitude during the stay, your log book of activities submitted at the end of your research stay and a pitch you will present at the end the semester during an evaluation moment.

The department consists of different research groups, all with their specific expertise.

To apply for a research stay in our department the following procedure needs to be followed.

  • Send a short CV (maximum 1 page) and a motivation letter to This motivation letter should provide insight into the research group(s) of your interest.
  • If accepted based on the motivation letter, you will be invited for an (online) interview with the responsible persons for research placements at our department.
  • If you are accepted, you will be placed for the research stay and we will welcome you at our department. We will try as much as possible to provide you with a full-time placement in your research group of interest.


B2 level in English

If a student is unable to communicate properly with patients or the placement coordinator, the student will not be allowed to start the clinical placement

3rd Bachelor level or higher


Willingness to learn some Dutch

To be able to communicate with all patients, also children and elderly

Practical information

Application deadlines:

Autumn semester: 15 May
Spring semester: 15 November

= the application has to be completed by this deadline

After these deadlines, we will confirm or decline the applications.

Application procedures and practical information (e.g. accommodation,...) can be found on the international pages of Ghent University
Before starting the application, the student's program must be discussed and approved, to see if it is even possible for us to accommodate the request. Programs are discussed via .

The physiotherapy department does not offer accommodation, the incoming students is responsible to find accommodation. BEWARE OF FRAUDULENT ADVERTISEMENTS! Fake landlords are renting out non-existent accommodation. Other imposters use stolen identities to rent out existing accommodation. They target international students in particular. Never pay a deposit before signing the contract and being 100% sure the accommodation exists and is for rent. Always ask for the landlord’s personal information (name, surname, phone number and a photocopy of his/her ID). Double check the provided address on Google maps to see if it exists. Ask someone in Ghent to visit the room. If you notice any suspicious advertisements or if you become a victim of a scam, please be sure to report this to the local police.

Make sure you arrive one week prior to the start of your placement/course, and stay a few days longer afterwards, to be able to arrange all the Erasmus paperwork.

Besides this web page, make sure to also visit the general university web pages for international students and the faculty web page.


Due to university policy, only students who stay with us for a whole semester can apply for a room at the University Halls of Residence. All other students must look for a room on the private market. This can be quite a challenge as the student room market in Ghent is saturated, so start well in advance. Beware of overpriced housing, and beware of fake providers, who take advantage of the shortage to exploit international students, see

Not to forget
  • If required, a passport and/or visa.. The student is responsible for applying for and obtaining the necessary visa.
  • Necessary insurance documents. The student/sending institution is responsible to make sure the student has sufficient health, travel and personal insurance.
  • Required medical proof of medical health + vaccinations,... (Tetanus, Hepatitis B)
  • A white "physiotherapy suit" (lab coat).
  • Your student card, we do not accept graduated students.
  • An overview of your curriculum, to show your placement mentor what level you have and what subjects you have passed.
  • A list of words/phrases that are often used while working with patients (body parts, mobilizations, up/down/left/right, etc.), and their translation in English, so you can add the translation in Dutch upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival: filled-in, signed and stamped Learning Agreement (“Before the mobility”).
  • Upon arrival: read the Student Welcome Guide. Students must comply with all policies, rules and regulations of Ghent University and the Health Faculty.
  • At the end of your stay: Learning Agreement (“During the mobility” and “After the mobility”), Transcript of Records and Affidavit (Proof of Stay Abroad).

2. Degree students

Degree students who would like to continue studies they started abroad (e.g. you have obtained a Bachelor in the Netherlands and you wish to follow our Master Program here), need to have their diploma approved. Information, requirements and application can be found on the degree page of Ghent University.

Our program is taught in Dutch, proficiency in this language is required. The Ghent University language center offers a Dutch preparatory year.

3. PhD's

Students who are interested in doing PhD research at the Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Department can contact the international officer with a specific proposal (topic, period, funding options,...). Information on research can be found on the departmental research page.
Practical information, requirements and application procedure can be found on the PhD page of Ghent University.


International officer Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Ghent University:

Liselot Sleebus
Ghent University Campus UZ Gent
De Pintelaan 185 2B3
9000 Gent
+32 (0)9 332 69 14