Education at Leuphana Professional School, Lüneburg, Germany

Academic Qualification in Chemistry for a Sustainable Future - M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management at Leuphana Professional School, Lüneburg, Germany

Chemistry is the key enabling science for the products we use in our everyday life. Every sector has been and is being shaped by chemical innovations. Chemistry, as a science and as an industry, is indispensable to secure a sustainable development of all our societies. To meet requirements set by political frameworks, e.g. the Transition Pathway for the Chemical Industry and the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability towards a Toxic-free Environment, there is the need to understand and apply chemistry in the context of sustainability. For the chemical sector to play an active role in a changing world, in-depth knowledge of chemistry needs to be complemented with sound expertise on sustainability.

 Therefore, two worldwide unique, on-line, and accredited extra-occupational study programmes were developed at the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry (INSC) of Leuphana University and the Leuphana Professional School. This was done in close cooperation with the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3):

 Sustainable chemistry is a broader, more holistic and systems-thinking oriented framework in contrast to green chemistry. As a guiding principle, sustainable chemistry initially starts by asking about a required service or function and whether a non-chemical, more sustainable alternative is available. Therefore, the curriculum goes far beyond green chemistry and offers unique new perspectives on how chemistry can and must contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.

 Hence, both programmes cover a wide range of topics and issues relevant to shape the transformation towards sustainability. The M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry provides expert interdisciplinary training to understand and apply chemistry in the context of sustainability. The MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management integrates transformative management practices connected to the chemical enterprise with sustainable chemistry. Whereas the M.Sc. targets chemists and closely related disciplines, the MBA is open to also open non-chemists and all, who have basic knowledge of accounting, management, personnel management, law.

 Expert interdisciplinary training is provided by international teachers from academia, industry and authorities. For example, the GREEN-CHEM experts Prof. Dr. Dr. Vânia G. Zuin Zeidler (Leuphana University, Federal University of Sao Carlo), Prof. Dr. Ir. Christian Stevens (Ghent University), Prof. Dr. James Clark (University of York) are teaching practices of Green Chemistry. GREEN-CHEM expert Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer (Leuphana University, ISC3) is the study programme director and is teaching as well, e.g., concepts of Sustainable Chemistry.

 Both Professional Master‘s programmes are taught in English and were designed as distance learning programmes with few on-campus classroom sessions offering practical experiences and opportunities for networking. An innovative online learning platform provides all teaching materials at any time for a flexible learning experience that adapts to the student’s professional and private schedule. The programmes are aimed at highly motivated professionals, who wish to integrate expertise in Sustainable Chemistry or management of Sustainable Chemistry into their professional portfolio. Individual courses or certificates comprising three modules each (regulatory affairs, benign by design and practices) can also be studied to provide flexibility in continuing education.

 Find out more on the study programmes’ websites M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry and MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management. Get to know your favourite sustainable chemistry programme better and clarify your questions regarding application and admission at the Info Day 1 July 2023. More information and registration are here.

The next cohort starts in March 2024. Applications can be submitted via the online application tool by 10 December, 2023.