Faculty Committee for Diversity and Inclusion

Mission and actions

The faculty of Arts and Philosophy considers the realisation and support of diversity and inclusion a priority objective. It is the faculty's ambition to identify and remove systemic obstacles to equal educational and career opportunities. By incorporating diversity and inclusion in teaching, research, service and policy, the faculty aims to foster a culture of inclusion.

To this end, the Faculty Committee for Diversity and Inclusion develops and supports a range of actions, including:

  • Advocating concrete diversity and inclusion measures at faculty level
  • Lectures on diversity and inclusion
  • A diversity scan, with the aim of making course content more inclusive
  • Monitoring diversity indicators and systemic thresholds

Members and functioning

Anyone with questions, remarks or suggestions regarding the faculty policy on diversity and inclusion can contact lw.diversiteit@ugent.be.

In November 2020, the faculty magazine Binnenstebuiten was entirely dedicated to diversity. Binnenstebuiten puts the spotlight on the great diversity of knowledge and expertise about diversity that is spread across our faculty.

Read the issue online (in Dutch)

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