Information for exchange students

All general information on educational, administrative and leisurely matters for exchange students at Ghent University.

Studying at our faculty

First, consult our brochure for more information on studying at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy in Ghent.

Do I need to know Dutch?

No, the course catalogue comprises of courses both in Dutch and in English. However, to be able to follow the courses in English, the University requires students to possess a B2 proficiency level in English. This does not apply to students taking courses taught in their native language (an Italian language course taught in Italian is open to any Italian student).

How do I choose my courses at the faculty?

  • You can take course units from Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.
  • You don’t have to limit your choice to the year and discipline you are enrolled in at your home university.
  • You can also take a few course units from other disciplines, even outside the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy – however, the majority of the course units you choose must be found in the course catalogue of our faculty.
  • All course units part of our language programmes are taught in the target language. For example, a German linguistics course unit is taught in German. Course units in all other (non-language) programmes are taught in Dutch. Exchange students may be assigned alternative coursework to be determined in consultation with the professor.
  • If you want to improve your Dutch, you can take a Dutch language course at the University Language Centre (Universitair Centrum voor Talenonderwijs)
  • Before arrival, you have to draw up a provisional Learning Agreement as part of the admission procedure. After your arrival at the faculty, you will need to draw up a definitive Learning Agreement. Please note that exchange students must meet the following minimum credit requirements: 
    - semester : 30 ECTS
    - year : 60 ECTS

All courses at our faculty are listed in the programme catalogue.
Course information concerning the teaching language, contents, learning material, evaluation methods etc., can be found by clicking on the name of the course.

Preparing your stay at the faculty

First things first

After your visit to the International Support Team, you must see the FCI administrator for incoming students of the faculty, Ms . Ms Focquaert will help you with administrative questions, such as finding the time schedules of classes, accessing the Ufora platform, changing your Learning Agreement.

Definitive Learning Agreement

You have to draw up a definitive Learning Agreement once you are in Ghent. You must do this as soon as you have made a final choice of course units and no later than one month after the start of the semester. In case you fail to hand it in, your exchange period will not be validated at our university!

You can ask your coordinator for advice concerning your course units and the changes you would like to make.

download a blank Learning Agreement

Welcome days

The Welcome Days are designed to make your transition to Ghent University and university life as smooth as possible. When you attend the Welcome Days, you will find a wide variety of sessions, events, and social gatherings to help you get to know the university and city better, find answers to your questions, and make new friends. 

Buddy programme

The buddy programme facilitates the integration at the faculty, not only at the beginning when you have a lot of practical questions, but also later when you want to meet fellow (Belgian) students. To help you find your way around the faculty, you can request a personal buddy. More information.

Language Tandem: a linguistic exchange between two people of different mother tongues

If you would like to improve your language skills and get in contact with other international or Belgian students, then get involved in a language tandem! In a language tandem both (or more) parties will benefit from the learning experience. More information.

At the end of your stay

The FCI administrator will draw up a transcript of records and send it to your home university after you have finished your exams at our faculty.

Contact and more information

Carine Focquaert

International Office
Room 100.041
Blandijnberg 2
B-9000 Gent