The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy is home to approximately 520 scientists, of which about 160 are tenured staff members. Our faculty annually delivers some 60 doctoral degrees and some 600 peer-reviewed publications. Research groups focus on philosophy, archaeology, history, arts, (applied) linguistics, literature, cultural studies, etc. The CWO - Scientific Research Committee is responsible for the faculty's research policy. 


The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy wants to be a national and international player in the field of scientific research. Through its departments and research groups the faculty wants to contribute to the scientific exploration and further development of its academic disciplines. Therefore, the faculty sets the necessary conditions and strives to disclose the results of its research to third parties and to integrate them into its own teaching, research and service.

Faculty research platform

The faculty makes its research visible to the outside world through the faculty research platform containing all the information on its ...

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Academic output

  • All publications of our staff can be found through Biblio. This academic bibliography also stores full-text digital files, such as doctorates and all recent publications. Open Access items can be consulted freely.
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Obtaining a doctoral degree

  • Our faculty acts as a host institution for young researchers with an awarded international or national fellowship who want to obtain a PhD. Our tenured academic staff have a lot of experience in supervising doctoral research in a broad range of disciplines and themes. For interdisciplinary projects, suitable co-supervisors can be found, both within and outside the faculty. Colleagues from other national or foreign universities can also act as co-supervisor. 
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Staff information

  • All research information for staff members can be found at the faculty intranet