The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy is home to approximately 520 scientists, of which about 160 are tenured staff members. Our faculty annually delivers some 60 doctoral degrees and some 600 peer-reviewed publications. Research groups focus on philosophy, archaeology, history, arts, (applied) linguistics, literature, cultural studies, etc.

We make our research visible to the outside world through our faculty research platform containing all the information on our researchers, research projects and research groups.

Download our research brochure and/or a description of our 49 research groups (June 2017).


The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy wants to be a national and international player in the field of scientific research. Through its departments and research groups the faculty wants to contribute to the scientific exploration and further development of its academic disciplines. Therefore, the faculty sets the necessary conditions and strives to disclose the results of its research to third parties and to integrate them into its own teaching, research and service.

Academic bibliography and repository

All publications by faculty staff can be found through Biblio. Biblio also stores full-text digital files, such as doctorates and digital versions of recent publications. This way, Open Access databases can be consulted freely.


Scientific Research Committee

The Scientific Research Committee is the faculty committee that gives advice on the faculty research policy and the allocation of resources from the Faculty Research Fund.


Faculty Research Fund

Through the Faculty Research Fund, faculty staff are entitled to funding to help them with their research.

Funding opportunities

An overview of the different funding possibilities for research at Ghent University.

Some funding agencies offer possibilities for pre- or postdoctoral researchers to apply for a scholarship or fellowship at Ghent University on an individual basis.

Publications and Publication Policy

In September 2016 the faculty has approved a text on the academic publishing containing a lot of background information about academic publications, possible publication strategies, etc.

Obtaining a doctoral degree

Information about the admission requirements, financing options, registration procedures, study programme and research scenarios at the faculty.

Postdoc Community

De Ghent University Postdoc Community omvat alle postdoctorale onderzoekers aan de Universiteit Gent. De belangrijkste doelstelling van de community is de postdocs over de faculteiten heen met elkaar in contact te brengen door het organiseren van activiteiten en het delen van informatie.

Facultaire vertegenwoordigers: