Ghent university - Special Research Fund



Before applying, candidates must be invited by a Ghent university professor at future PhD student. Without support of Ghent University professor it is not possible to apply for a PhD scholarship at Ghent University (contact details of all research groups).


In case you need feedback, please contact the Research Coordination Office by sending an e-mail to . The administration aims to answer all e-mails within 5 working days.


Faculty Mobility Fund

All faculties of Ghent University have a specific Mobility Fund to support incoming and outgoing mobility.

Automatically rewarded Starting Grant

A start-up budget will be allocated automatically from the BOF resources to all new ZAP members with a minimum ZAP employment percentage of 50%, shortly after the start of their appointment at Ghent University. In addition, a start-up budget will also be granted to ZAP members whose ZAP appointment percentage is increased to at least 50%.

Useful documents