Faculty Committee for Internationalisation (FCI)

The Faculty Committee for Internationalisation (FCI) consists of the FCI chair, the director of studies, FCI and KCO staff members, an FSA staff member, delegates from the various study programmes (often the Erasmus coordinator or the Examination Board secretary) and a student representative.

The FCI reports and/or advises on all matters concerning internationalisation. The Erasmus files are still the most important part of the faculty’s internationalisation policy: incoming and outgoing student mobility and outgoing teaching staff mobility within Europe are closely monitored. In addition, more bilateral agreements outside Europe are being concluded to enable student and teaching staff mobility. Furthermore, the FCI decides, among other things, on the use of funds within the framework of Internationalisation@Home, which aims to offer an international experience to students who do not go abroad during their studies.

Chair: Lieve Van Hoof