Tracks: standard vs personalised learning track

We speak of a standard learning track (= modeltraject, MOT), indicated in the study guide in the column MT1 (full-time standard learning track), when your curriculum is identical to the study programme in the course catalogue.

Depending on the number of periods (years of study) that a standard learning track comprises, numbers are placed in the columns per course unit that refer to the specific period. In a Bachelor's programme, three periods are distinguished for MT1 - indicated in the column MT1 with 1, 2 and 3 (for convenience, one speaks of BA1, BA2, BA3)

A curriculum can also deviate from the standard learning track in the study guide. This is referred to as a personalised learning track or GIT (= geïndividualiseerd traject). The most common personalised learning tracks arise after a study delay within the standard learning track, on the basis of the granting of exemptions, when the study load is smaller than that foreseen in the standard learning track, or even when a study programme undergoes drastic study programme revisions during a standard learning track.