Tolerated (G)

If you are tolerated for a course unit (code G), you do not have to resit the exam. If you want to retake the course unit to obtain a credit certificate, you may still participate.

The exam dates of a tolerated course unit will appear on your exam schedule of the resit examination period, regardless of whether you wish to take the exam or not.

If you resit the exam and you score below the result of your first exam opportunity, you will still pass the deliberation set.

If you did not obtain your degree in the first examination period, the last-mentioned marks count towards the calculation of your grade of merit, regardless of whether the degree deliberation takes place in the resit examination period of the same academic year, or in a following academic year.

However, if the degree was indeed obtained in the first examination period, you retain the right to sit the exam in the resit examination period, but the result of this resit examination opportunity no longer has any effect on your grade of merit.