My role as supervisor

  • A doctoral student always has an administrative supervisor responsible and additionally (possibly) one or more (co-)supervisors.
  • As supervisor, you are responsible for the support, follow-up and appraisal of the doctoral student throughout the entire study and research period. Possible agreements for a good cooperation can be found in the charter for doctoral students and supervisors.
  • You are part of the doctoral advisory committee (DBC).
    • The doctoral advisory committee (DBC), together with the doctoral student, is responsible for the individual curriculum of the doctoral training programme. You take into account any stipulations pertaining to the compulsory doctoral training programme. The doctoral advisory committee (DBC) members are also part of the assessment committee that formulates a recommendation on whether or not the curriculum of the doctoral training programme is complete and whether or not the doctoral student in question has acquired everything in it, with the exception of the defence of the dissertation.
    • Based on the doctoral student’s self-reflection report, the doctoral advisory committee (DBC) formulates an annual report on the progress of the research and the doctoral training programme: as supervisor, you provide your comments and suggestions to the administrative supervisor responsible, who incorporates them into a global report and provides this report to the Doctoral School. This report should explicitly state whether the research offers sufficient doctoral opportunities within a reasonable time span. The doctoral advisory committee (DBC) makes sure that the contents of the report is the subject of a conversation with the doctoral student, in which any additional arguments of the doctoral student are heard. The Doctoral School delivers the recommendation of the doctoral advisory committee (DBC) to the doctoral student.
  • The doctoral advisory committee (DBC) makes a recommendation on the submission of the dissertation to the Faculty Council.
    • When the dissertation is ready for submission, the doctoral student starts the procedure in Plato.
    • You provide your recommendation to the administrative supervisor responsible, who also processes this recommendation in Plato.
    • As supervisor, you can consult these details in Plato: Plato > PhDs.
      You can download the uploaded dissertation here and consult the reports. All communication also takes place through Plato.
    • All supervisors and the doctoral student must sign the details in Plato for approval. The application for the Faculty Council cannot be processed earlier.
  • You are not a voting member of the Examination Board. However, the Faculty Council may give you permission to act as a non-voting member of the Examination Board. In this case, you can also attend the deliberations following the first deliberation of the Examination Board and the public defence as an observer.