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On a regular base, IPEM organizes think tanks and do thanks. The former concern lectures by both IPEM and external researchers and discussion sessions on the topics that steer IPEM's research. The latter concern practical sessions, in which researchers have hands-on experiences with the state of the art technologies available the IPEM ASIL Lab.

Think Tanks

IPEM is organizing Think Tanks on a weekly basis.  The IPEM thinktanks are regular gatherings about research topics, related to the IPEM research themes. Usually the attendants are a mix of (post)docs and external experts/researchers. They foster critical thinking and discuss in-depth the presented subjects, methods, strategies and outcomes of the presenters.

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Do Tanks

Apart from the more theoretical and research driven Think Tanks, there are Do Tanks, which are organized throughout the year and are usually related to the art-science-interaction lab. They introduce several aspects of the innovating infrastructure, explore new technologies, and new ideas about the use of media provided by the IPEM research themes. The also provide an entry for artistic and cultural participation in the IPEM programs and projects.

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IPEM organizes since 2017 in its new location De Krook a series of research related conferences: