22-05-2022 "Partnerships Global South helped us get VLIR-UOS funding for development cooperation project"
04-05-2022 The Flemish PhD Cup wants you
25-04-2022 EU funding for the development of technology towards a personalized treatment for depression
23-03-2022 European funding for innovative research at Ghent University that detects and treats hearing loss
17-03-2022 Ghent University researchers win ERC Consolidator Grant
15-03-2022 More insights of our honorary doctors through several lectures
17-02-2022 ERC Starting Grants for Ghent University researchers
11-02-2022 Ghent University co-leads European UnILiON network
07-02-2022 Two Ghent University researchers win an ERC Proof of Concept Grant
07-02-2022 Dog faeces and urine could be harming nature reserves
10-01-2022 Two Ghent University researchers win a 2021 ERC Starting Grant
07-01-2022 Flemish Government Renews Support for UN University Institute in Bruges
23-12-2021 Digging for brain disease biomarkers with innovative proteomics
16-12-2021 Mind the GAP
04-12-2021 New technology to produce personalised cancer therapies more safely, cheaply and quickly
24-11-2021 EOS is looking for young, promising scientists
24-11-2021 2021 International Symposium for the Korean Peninsula Marine Global Project
22-11-2021 Young Academy is looking for outstanding scientists
16-11-2021 Multiple organs of a Belgian COVID-19 patient infected with the UK variant before the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 VOCs
16-11-2021 31 Ghent University researchers are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2021'
29-10-2021 Ghent University researchers explain their research in a Twitter Thread
08-09-2021 European researchers call for sustainable drug discovery
10-08-2021 How plants grow more to deal with heat
06-07-2021 Circular toilet in Ghent recycles urine of visitors
01-07-2021 Spin-off boosts aquaculture and hydroculture yield through microbiome analysis
19-06-2021 Revised website strengthens transparency regarding Ghent University policy on the use of animal testing in research
17-06-2021 Our knowledge about the human transcriptome is now assembled in the most comprehensive RNA-atlas ever
03-06-2021 Liesbeth Jacxsens and Mieke Uyttendaele receive Rotary Science Award
01-06-2021 “Core Facilities are the future of our research infrastructure”
18-12-2020 COVID-19 exposes and amplifies the inequalities experienced by refugees and migrants globally
10-12-2020 Loneliness among international staff members
02-12-2020 Tracking dogs detect corona better than tests