02-03-2021 'Hypergravity treatment': can wounds heal more quickly despite stress?
12-02-2021 ENLIGHT adds a new dimension to international education and research
11-02-2021 Research CMM great leap forwards in uncovering atomic geometry next-gen materials
28-01-2021 Horizon Europe Launch Event
27-01-2021 Two Ghent University researchers listed as Rising Stars in Proteomics and Metabolomics
23-01-2021 Christophe Vandeviver together with Jozefien De Leersnyder new Chairmen of the Young Academy
21-01-2021 International recognition for Ghent University’s HR policy for researchers
15-01-2021 The Brexit Deal and Ghent University in 2021: Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ and More
08-01-2021 Trust, support and recognition are the basis for the new Set of Regulations for Doctoral Fellows
07-01-2021 Two Ghent University researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants
06-01-2021 Ghent University and VIB to build a global network on plant biotechnology and breeding
18-12-2020 COVID-19 exposes and amplifies the inequalities experienced by refugees and migrants globally
18-12-2020 Dirk Inzé appointed to the ERC Scientific Council
15-12-2020 Majority of PhD holders view their doctorate as added value in non-academic job market
10-12-2020 Loneliness among international staff members
09-12-2020 Koen Raemdonck is awarded ERC Consolidator Grant
08-12-2020 Ghent University first of Belgian Universities to sign San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)
02-12-2020 Tracking dogs detect corona better than tests
27-11-2020 The Implications of a (No-Deal) Brexit: an Overview
18-11-2020 25 Ghent University researchers are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2020'
17-11-2020 430.000 Euro Grant for Research Platform CAPTURE to Stimulate Recycling of Carbon, Plastics and Water
16-11-2020 The Implications of a (No-Deal) Brexit – Part 3: Research and Research Funding
27-10-2020 New Start-up Animab Secures 3.4 M€ Seed Investment to Improve Health and Performance of Livestock Animals
25-10-2020 75 years United Nations: a durable and sustainable cooperation with Ghent University
25-10-2020 10 Years DO!: from pioneer to key player in student entrepreneurship
09-10-2020 Seagrass beds for coastal protection and mitigation of climate change impact
02-10-2020 Wanted: the best idea to make our society more sustainable
27-09-2020 A new member of Ghent University makes an entrance: welcome to supercomputer Hortense!
22-09-2020 Dries Van Thourhout elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA)
03-09-2020 Six Young Ghent University Researchers Receive ERC Starting Grant From European Commission
25-08-2020 Ghent University Once Again Ranked Highest Among Belgian Universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking)
28-07-2020 ExeVir Bio to Accelerate Development of New Treatment Conferring Broad Protection Against Covid-19
28-07-2020 Two Ghent University researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants
12-07-2020 Ghent University Frontrunner in Amount of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Projects
12-07-2020 Dual-Use Research Allowed Under Strict Conditions
09-07-2020 Ghent University receives European recognition with new university network
07-07-2020 Alain Goossens elected as EMBO member
04-06-2020 "Our platform gives the development of new antibiotics a turbo boost"
28-05-2020 Single-cell software supported by a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant
21-05-2020 Titan Arum in Bloom During Corona Crisis
15-05-2020 Plant biodiversity in European forests is declining
08-05-2020 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on autistic adults
05-05-2020 Lost silk road city located by Ghent University researcher
04-05-2020 X-ray analysis of armour from the Mary Rose offers new insights
27-04-2020 Studying the impact of COVID-19 on students
11-03-2020 Ghent University goes for telework and digital teaching methods
28-02-2020 The first Cell Atlas for the human Thymus
22-02-2020 “It’s much more meaningful to connect people in an open-ended way than to just start communicating about what you’ve found at the end of your research.”
22-02-2020 Ghent University stimulates research with impact via new interdisciplinary research consortia
22-02-2020 Greet Cardon on GRAY: “We’re going to knock on a lot of doors, to get more funding for research into ageing, ánd to get ageing on the agenda.”
10-02-2020 VIB works on antiviral drug aimed to halt coronavirus outbreak
05-02-2020 Belgian waffles with insect fat instead of butter: is this the future?
31-01-2020 Michel Vandenbroeck and Petra Broomans appointed as honorary doctors at Uppsala University
21-01-2020 Marine biologist Anna-Maria Vafeiadou was awarded the Paul Van Oye price
01-12-2019 CRIG-researchers are granted 5 million euro by 'Kom op tegen Kanker' 2019
26-11-2019 A protein tag to study the immune system
20-11-2019 What did the Chinese do on the battlefield during WWI? The foundation of the joint lab for history research across the continents
20-11-2019 23 Ghent University researchers are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2019'