28-06-2019 For the third year in a row the Faculty of Veterinary Medecine is ranked absolute world top
17-06-2019 CAPTURE has been nominated for the EU REGIOSTARS award
12-06-2019 New science museum in Ghent set to open its doors next year
07-05-2019 Ghent University honors Lord Nicholas Stern with institutional honorary doctorate on Thursday 16 May
03-05-2019 Baillet Latour grant for research by Julie De Backer into hereditary disorders of the aorta
03-05-2019 Prof. Jóhanna Barðdal is awarded a residential fellowship at Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study
25-04-2019 New genome analytics platform makes clinical genomics affordable for daily use in hospital
15-04-2019 Back from Antarctica on a sailing ship: a successful expedition!
02-04-2019 Forests protect animals and plants against warming
01-04-2019 Artificial intelligence sheds new light on cell developmental dynamics
27-03-2019 Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Ban Ki-moon visit Ghent University Global Campus in South-Korea
17-03-2019 “My WOW goes to…”
14-03-2019 New approach to stroke treatment could minimize brain damage
03-03-2019 Ghent University will henceforth automatically allocate a Starting Grant to ZAP-members
19-02-2019 Exploring Antarctica: mapping out biodiversity and identifying the microplastics that put it in jeopardy
14-02-2019 ECO Animal Health and Ghent University sign poultry vaccine development licensing deal
24-01-2019 Sea air helps against cancer and cholesterol
21-01-2019 World Bank grant of $4.8 million for Mycotoxin Research and Capacity Building in Africa
19-12-2018 Stress related responses regulate immune function
17-12-2018 'We are transforming our university into a place where talent once again feels valued and nurtured’