26 Ghent University scientists are 'Highly Cited Researcher 2023'

(15-11-2023) Like last year, 26 Ghent University scientists may call themselves 'Highly Cited Researcher' this year. The title goes to scientists who have a significant and broad impact within their field(s) of research.

Since 2001, Clarivate Web of Science has annually compiled a list of scientists who have the most highly cited publications within their research field(s). To qualify as a Highly Cited Researcher" scientists must have a significant impact on their colleagues. Their published work is widely recognized by their peers. Worldwide, the honor falls to only 1 in 1,000 scientists.
The list is organized by field, but there is also an overarching category.

Cross field

For 2023, the following Ghent University scientists are on the list of most cited scientists across fields: Guy Brusselle and Philippe Gevaert (affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences), Kevin Braeckmans and Tom Coenye (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Wout Boerjan*, Yvan Saeys*, Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke* and Klaas Vandepoele* (Faculty of Sciences) and Maarten Vansteenkiste (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences).

Plant & Animal Science

Tom Beeckman*, Alain Goossens*, Guy Smagghe, Yves Van de Peer and Dirk Inzé* are once again in this year's list of most cited scientists in Plant & Animal Science.
The expertise of these scientists covers a wide range; from plant biotechnology to biostatistics, often with a strong interdisciplinary approach.


Within medicine, experts in immunology confirm their reputation. Martin Guilliams*, Hamida Hammad*, Bart Lambrecht*, Charlotte Scott* and Rudi Beyaert* can call themselves Highly Cited Researchers again this year.

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Peter Vandenabeele*'s name has been in Cross Field category for the past several years, and now pops up in Molecular Biology and Genetics.


As in previous years, Diego Miralles is listed for Ghent University within Geosciences.

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Stefaan De Smedt is again Highly Cited Researcher within the field of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Social Sciences

Sebastien Chastin (primary affiliation: Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom), Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij and Frank Witlox were also highly cited by their colleagues within the social sciences this year.

Psychiatry and Psychology

After a brief absence from the list, Marc Brysbaert reappears in this year's review.

About the Highly Cited Researchers' List 2023

This year, a total of 6,849 researchers from 67 countries and regions have been recognized as frequently cited scientists. This is slightly fewer than last year. This year's list includes 95 scientists with a primary affiliation with a Belgian university or research center. 24 of them are primarily affiliated with Ghent University. For 2 scientists, Ghent University is the second affiliation.
The US, China and the UK traditionally form the top 3 countries with the largest number of frequently cited scientists.

* these scientists are affiliated with UGent and VIB


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