Past events

Events @UGent 2016

International Conference Finding the Present in the Distant Past: The Cultural Meaning of Antiquarianism in Late Antiquity

20-21 mei 2016

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MSS Lunch Meeting Emilia Jamroziak: Late Medieval Cistercian Communities and the Cult of Saints as a Trans-European and Regional Phenomenon.

20 Mei 2016

MSS Lunch Meeting Suraiya Faroqhi: The emergence of guilds in an Ottoman setting

29 april 2016

The medieval hospital, an epistemological workshop for historians (North-Western Europe, 13th-16th centuries)

15 april 2016

MSS Lunch Meeting Anne Breitbarth & Melissa Farasyn: A parsed Corpus of Historical Low German (CHLG)

14 April 2016

MSS Bronnenseminar: Oorkonden van de Vroegste Communale Instellingen in Vlaamse steden

1 april 2016

Study day on Iran and literature Classical heritage, literary modernity and beyond

25 maart 2016

Workshop ERC: Compilations and Excerpt Collections of Historiographical Texts

24-25 maart 2016

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MSS Lecture: Vasileios Syros: Political Pragmatism and Ethics in Medieval and Early Modern European and Ottoman Advice Literature

24 februari 2016

International conference ERC Holy Hero(in)es: Literary Constructions of Heroism in Late Antique and Early Medieval Hagiography

18-20 maart 2016

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Stephanos Efthymiadis: The Disabled in the Byzantine Empire (MSS Lunch Lecture)

17 februari 2016

2nd Symposium on the History and the Philosophy of Science: The Arab-Islamic sciences (9th-14th centuries) in the longue durée: The “Scientific Revolution” in question

12 februari 2016

MSS Lunch Meeting: FWO applications

22 Januari 2016

Events @UGent 2015

International Conference: Noble warriors or warring nobles? The complications of knightly identity in the High Middle Ages

10-11 December 2015, Ghent

Kinderworkshops Dag van de Wetenschap

22 November 2015, Ghent

Launch Database Diplomata Belgica

16/11/2015, Rijksarchief, Gent

21st Dutch-Flemish Medieval Studies Day: Civitas

30 October 2015, Ghent

Autumn School 2015: Law / Germanic Languages

19-23 October, UGent

MSS Lunch lecture Kriston Rennie: From Kings to Apostles: Freedom and Protection in Medieval Monasteries

16 October 2015, Ghent

Study Day: Medieval Studies as Academic Discipline

28 May 2015, Ghent

Third symposium on Middle Dutch Studies

22 May 2015, Ghent

Workshop: Towards new thinking in urban Historiography

20-21 May 2015, Ghent

MSS 20/01/2015

  • Dr. Erik Kwakkel, Leiden University: The Art and Science of Dating Medieval Script: The Case of the Long Twelfth Century
  • Tineke Van Gassen, Ghent University: The archive of the city: the social memory of late medieval Ghent

MSS 17/02/2015

  • Dr. Johannes Preiser-Kapeller, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenshaften: Calculating the Middle Ages? Proxies, networks, equations and other quantitative approaches towards medieval history in a comparative perspective
  • Emerance Delancenserie, Ghent University: The reception of "The ecclesiastical history" of Socrates in the Early Byzantine historiography

MSS 17/03/2015

  • Dr. Fiona Griffiths, New York University: “Brotherly husbands” and “sister wives”: Remaking marriage in medieval religious life
  • Sofie Vanherpen, Ghent University: Tracing the textual trails of Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga

MSS 21/04/2015

  • Dr. Alexander Andree, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto: Biblical Commentaries from the School of Laon in the Twelfth Century
  • Ine Kiekens, Ghent University: Vanden twaelf dogheden in changing contexts: different spiritual trends in late-medieval thinking

MSS 19/05/2015

  • Dr. Alex Novikoff, Fordham University: The Ars Disputandi and the “Art” of Disputation
  • General Meeting and presentations new PhD students

MSS 16/06/2015

  • Dr. Marie Bouhaïk-Gironès, Université Paris-Sorbonne: Pour une histoire sociale du théâtre (15e-16e s.)
  • Marta Bigus, Ghent University: The Ten Commandments in late-medieval Low Countries

Events @UGent 2014

Workshop: Institutions of Popular Mobilisation / Les institutions de mobilisation populaire

5 December 2014, Ghent

Autumn School 2014: Latin Paleography and Medieval Liturgy

20-22 October 2014, Ghent

Conference: Whither the Early Modern State? 15th-Century State Formations across Eurasia

10-12 September 2014, Ghent

Conference: Perception and Performance of Social Identities in the Nascent Urban Societies of the High Middle Ages in North-western Europe

22-24 May 2014, Ghent & Brussels

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Colloquium of the Commission Internationale de Diplomatique: Pushing boundaries in diplomatics Why expand the range of activities of the CID?

24-25 April, Ghent

Conference: The Ten Commandments in medieval and early modern culture

10-11 April 2014, Ghent

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Workshop: Cosmopolitan languages and their literatures

25 February 2014, Ghent

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MSS 22/09/2014: Opening lecture

  • Prof. Jan M. Ziolkowski, Harvard university: The Romantic Range of Romanness (5-6 pm, Jozef Plateauzaal, Jozefplateaustraat 22)
  • Reception: from 6 pm, Dhondtzaal, DHondt zaal, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35 (UFO), 2nd floor

MSS 14/10/2014

  • Prof. David Crouch, University of Hull: Conduct Literature in the Twelfth Century: A problematical genre in changing times
  • Xavier Baecke, Ghent University: The Sacralisation of Knighthood. A study of religious knightly identity in the Southern Low Countries during the High Middle Ages

MSS 18/11/2014

  • Prof. Samuel Cohn, University of Glasgow: Popular Revolt in Europe, ca 1300-1750: Crossing the late Medieval/Early Modern Divide
  • Ewoud Waerniers, Ghent University: Perceptie en performance van stedelijke identiteit in de volle middeleeuwen / Perception and performance of social identity in the nascent urban societies of the High Middle Ages

MSS 16/12/2014

  • Prof. Robin Fleming, Boston College: Five Communities of Roman Pot and Glass recyclers in Early Post-Roman Britain
  • Frederica Van Dam, Ghent University: Flemish migrant artists in England between 1560 and 1620

Events @UGent 2013

Workhop Mamluk History and Culture, 1250-1517

3-5 November 2013
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Contributions to external events

IMC Leeds 2015: Reform and Renewal

6-9 July 2015, Leeds

Keynote lecture Jan Dumolyn - Summer course of the study of the Arts of Flanders 2015

1 July 2015, Brussels

Doctoral Seminar by Rosamond McKitterick: The Uses and Communication of the Past
in the Middle Ages

21-22 May 2015, Leuven

Constructing the self: Linguistic and historical perspectives on identity and authenticity in egodocuments and other writings ‘from below’

25 April 2015, Brussels

Mary of Burgundy: The Reign, the ‚Persona’, and the Legacy of a European Princess

4-7 March 2015, Bruges/Brussels

Symposium on Paintings and Miniatures in the Southern Low Countries

12 December 2014, Lille

Sessions at IMC Leeds, 7-10 July 2014

Workshop: New Approaches to Tenth- and Eleventh-Century Reform

20 June 2014, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York.

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Zintuigen Op Scherp: Middeleeuwse Sensorialiteit Interdisciplinair Benaderd

19 May 2014, Université Saint Louis, Brussel

Organised by the Vlaamse Werkgroep Mediëvistiek and the Réseau des médiévistes belges de Lange française.

Ugent contributions by An-Katrien Hanselaer - De conditionering van het alledaagse gevoelsleven in vrouwelijke gemeenschappen van de Moderne Devotie and Ine Kiekens (UGent) - Afgescheiden of verenigd? De receptie van Meister Eckharts Reden der Unterweisung via Vanden twaelf dogheden in de laatmiddeleeuwse Nederlanden

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3rd Ruusbroeck Lecture

25 April 2014, 2-4 pm, Antwerpen University

Ine Kiekens: Dat al clene is, dat ic uu scriven mach. De Middelnederlandse overlevering van de excerpten van Vanden twaelf dogheden

International Conference: ‘Medieval Documents as Artefacts, 1100-1600’

Maastricht, The Netherlands, February 5-6, 2014