15-01-2019 Gowaart Van Den Bossche passes PhD defense
15-01-2019 Source Seminar (toll tariff of Letterswerve): registration open
17-12-2018 University of Flanders MOOC on medieval drinking by Jeroen Deploige
10-12-2018 Lunch Lecture Julie Hotchin canceled
22-11-2018 Junior Pirenne researchers in finals of Flemish Paleography Contest
16-10-2018 Medieval music and instruments workshop for children (Science Day): registration open!
16-10-2018 Dr. Jonas Roelens passes PhD defense
16-10-2018 HPIMS members win Science Communication Prize 2018 and are nominated for EOS Audience Award
16-10-2018 HPIMS Autumn School 2018 (Medieval Philosophy) in retrospect
05-07-2018 Registration for the Autumn School 2018: Medieval Philosophy (16-19 October, Ghent)
26-06-2018 New episode of podcast Geheugenissen: Steven Vanderputten on 'Dark Age Nunneries'
01-06-2018 New episode of podcast Geheugenissen: Jan Dumolyn on medieval Bruges
01-06-2018 Two popular publications on historical stone buildings in Ghent
01-06-2018 New history of the Islamic world by Jo Van Steenbergen
08-05-2018 Cfp Conference 'Ad Brudgias Portum: Bruges' medieval port system as a maritime cultural landscape' (Oct. 2018)
10-04-2018 New episode of podcast Geheugenissen: Lisa Demets on 'Women in medieval urban political life and revolts'
09-04-2018 CfP Conference 'The Medieval Literary Canon in The Digital Age' (Ghent, 17-18 September 2018)
14-03-2018 Podcast Geheugenissen with Els De Paermentier on female lordship in the Middle Ages
14-03-2018 Medieval archeologist and bio-engineers revive ancient Menapian boar breed
09-02-2018 MOOC on Late-Antique lobbying by Lieve Van Hoof for the University of Flanders
05-02-2018 Call on the EU: more opportunities to strengthen research social sciences & humanities. Join our effort!
17-01-2018 Prof. Koen De Temmerman is Laureate of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium (Humanities)
17-01-2018 Medievalist dr. Lies Vervaet wins prize Province of East Flanders
27-04-2017 Dr Ingrid Geelen (LW17) passes PhD Defense on Flemish Sculpture in the Era of Van Eyck
25-04-2017 Dr Tineke Van Gassen (LW03) passes PhD Defense on Medieval City Archives of Ghent