Ethical Committee Psychology and Educational Sciences

This committee supports researchers in the development of ethical awareness and reflexivity in research and strives to ameliorate their project on ethical grounds. The committee is constructed out of staff members of all academic departments to do justice to the diverse traditions in research.

The committee also provides a general ethical protocol, in which guidelines are formulated for performing ethically responsible research, taking into account the current legislation. The general ethical protocol describes when approval needs to be asked in research because of different ethical aspects and complexities. This protocol is actualised by the Ethical Committee on a regular basis and ratified by the Faculty Board.

Furthermore the committee treats the applications of approval through the specific ethical protocol for research projects when a researcher has doubts regarding the ethical aspects of his/her research or when a formal approval is necessary for financing or publication. Applications are treated through a review procedure carried by all members of the Ethical Committee. Besides a procedural approach this committee also gives shape o a forum of discussion and reflection.