Statistics Support


The main task of the statistical consultant is to advise the scientific staff at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPPW) about methodology and data analysis. Under some conditions, an active contribution to the data analytical component of the scientific research process is also possible.

For who?

This service is only intended for the scientific personnel at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (i.e., PhD-students, AAP & ZAP).
It is not intended for undergraduate students (even not when it concerns their master thesis).

For what kind of problems?

You are welcome with all your problems and questions related to statistics and methodology. It doesn't matter if it is simple or sophisticated. So if you have a problem with interpreting the interaction of a multiple regression analysis, or if you want some help for setting up a survey analysis, or maybe you want to find the best statistical tool to do a specific analysis, please feel free to contact me.


Unfortunately, you are not the only one with statistical problems. This means that often I'm not immediately available to help you out. Therefore, I prefer that you first send me an e-mail with a substantial explanation of the problem and the context of the research. If available, sending me (anonymised) data, output or script files can also be very helpful to solve the problem.  Once I have received your e-mail, I will reply to let you know when you will likely receive an answer. If necessary, we will make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.


To contact us please write an e-mail to, explaining your problem thoroughly.

We will try to contact you back as soon as possible