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EXPLORA stands for EXperimental PsychoLOgical Research on Autism, an interdepartmental research group within the FPES, led by prof. dr. Roeljan Wiersema (Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology). With our studies we aim to better understand autism and its related features. For this, we use a multimethod approach (quantitative including neuroscientific methods, but also qualitative), whereby we aim to give space to the voice of experienced experts as well. The research focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on adults. Attention is also paid to related conditions such as ADHD.


Blog 1, The importance of considering familiarity when studying the ‘self’, by Letizia Amodeo.

Blog 2, "Person with autism," "autistic person", or does it not matter?, by Hannah de Laet.



    • Prof. dr. Roeljan Wiersema (personal page)
    • Prof. dr. Marcel Brass (personal page)
    • Prof. dr. Senne Braem (personal page)
    • Prof. dr. Lara Bardi (ResearchGate)
    • Dr. Annabel Nijhof (postdoc) (more about her research; personal page)
    • Dr. Vesal Rasoulzadeh (postdoc) (more about her research)
    • Dr. Roma Siugzdaite (postdoc) (ResearchGate)
    • Hannah De Laet (PhD student) (more about her research)
    • Anouk Matthys (PhD student) (more about her research)
    • Maura Nevejans (PhD student) (more about her research; ResearchGate)
    • Joske Rijmen (PhD student) (more about her research)
    • Wouter van Leeuwen (external advisor)

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    E-mail us your credentials and remarks. If you are interested in participating in our future research, please let us know in your message. We will contact you.