Language Requirements

All students are required to demonstrate language proficiency at the latest upon enrolment.


  • All bachelor programmes are instructed in Dutch.
    You cannot enrol without a valid proof of the required level of Dutch
  • Dutch at level B2 is required upon enrolment for most bachelor programmes
  • Level C1 is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Language Studies (Bachelor of Arts in de toegepaste taalkunde)
  • Accepted language proofs 

Master programmes taught in Dutch

Master programmes taught in English

Predoctoral training programme, doctoral training programme and doctorate

  • Predoctoral training programme: your mentor can confirm that you have the required language skills in the languages in which the course units are taught
  • Doctoral training programme and doctorate; English at level B2 is required.
    The supervisor can also confirm that you have the required level of English.
  • For certain programmes specific requirements apply: Specific language requirements 2019-2020 ; Specific language requirements 2020-2021

Validity of language proof

  • Any accepted proof of language proficiency must be valid upon enrolment
  • The validity date mentioned on the language certificate cannot be exceeded
  • If no validity date is mentioned on the language certificate, the certificate can be no older than 4 academic years, counting from the academic year after the proof of language was acquired

Who is exempted?

Who does not need to submit a proof of language proficiency?