Special Status for Students

Students with a special status may be granted - depending on the grounds on which the special status was given - one or more facilities.

Special status during corona crisis
The corona crisis is a challenge for us all, but it entails additional difficulties for a number of specific student target groups.
Ghent University is concerned about the welfare of all its students and offers the possibility to apply for special status to those students who are affected most.
Students with special status can be granted extra teaching or exam facilities, or logistic support for their participation in online teaching.


The special status can be granted on the grounds of

  1. Disability
  2. Approved top-level sports activities
  3. Professional artistry
  4. Holding office
  5. Exceptional social or personal circumstances
  6. Student entrepreneurship
  7. Foreign-language speaker


For details see article 25 of the Education and Examination Code