Special status for exceptional social or personal circumstances


You can demonstrate that you face exceptional social or individual circumstances.

Caution: do not apply for this status if you have serious acute problems.
In this case you have to invoke article 51 of the Education and Examination Code . You may be given permission by the dean to be examined in a manner that is different from the prescribed method, provided that you have acute and good reasons to request this and the dean has consulted the lecturer-in-charge involved. For this you have to contact the Faculty Student Administration.

Application procedure

Submit a substantiated request with the director of the Department of Educational Policy

  • Via oasis.ugent.be
  • Before 15 October 2018 (unless impossible due to exceptional circumstances)
  • Add required documentation and official certificates

The special status is only granted for 1 academic year and starting from the decision date. The director of the Department of Educational Policy can impose an earlier date for the special status in function of the reason of the special status. Than you can no longer enjoy of the facilities.


You may request following facilities:

  • Being exempted from educational activities requiring student attendance. In this case, a task may be imposed instead or the educational activity may be organised at a different time within the same academic year;
  • Having one or several examinations rescheduled to a different time in the same academic year and, if necessary, with a different evaluation method;
  • Being given an alternative time for feedback.

You need to inform the lecturer(s) in charge via oasis.ugent.be which of the awarded education and/or examination facilities you wish to invoke for the course unit at hand, no later than

  • 10 August 2018 for the resit examination period 2017-2018
  • 14 december 2018 for the first semester examination period
  • 17 mei 2019 for the second semester examination period
  • 9 augustus 2019 for the resit examination period

If the special status is awarded later than the above-mentioned deadline you need to inform the lecturer(s) as soon as possible.

Facilities are always granted in joint consultation with the lecturer in charge. In dialogue with the faculty director of studies or the chair of the study programme committee, the lecturer in charge may refuse a facility if duly justified. S/he may do so if the essential programme competences are impaired as a result of the facility or if it is practically not feasible to grant the facility. The faculty and/or institutional ombudspersons may mediate in this procedure if necessary.

Special status students who are denied any education or examination facilities may appeal against this decision with the Institutional Appeals Committee, as stipulated in article 100 of the Education and Examination Code.