Visiting Student@UGent - How to register in Oasis?

  1. Have the following documents ready:
    Your eID card (Belgian identity card), eID reader and pin code, or Itsme
    or Belgian social security number if you have one.
  2. Go to
    If necessary click on the button at the top right 'in English'.

    Register with Authenticatie Vlaanderen

  3. Register at Ghent University. Choose 'Register with Authenticatie Vlaanderen (eID, Itsme)' if you have a Belgian identity card. This way, we immediately have all your information and can quickly take care of your registration. 
    ! Only if you don't have a Belgian identity card, choose 'Register by creating an account'.
  4. Further complete your personal information, contact details and address if necessary.
  5. Confirm your registration and STOP the registration process afterwards.
    It is important that you do not submit an enrolment application.
  6. Go to
    Go to 'My Oasis' in the left column.
    Click on 'personal data' .
    Add your digital passport photo (for your student card).
  7. Please email to complete your registration.
    Do this from the email address you used for registration.
    Add the necessary documents in PDF as requested on the webpage concerned (not applicable for visiting students category 3 and 4). Do not forget to add a copy of the front and back of your identity card and a certificate of enrolment from your home institution if you are not logged in via Authenticatie Vlaanderen.
    Or visit the Afdeling Studentenadministratie en Studieprogramma's with the necessary documents.
  8. We can now enrol you. As soon as this is done, you will receive an email.
    The day after enrolment you will receive your UGent login by email.
  9. After you receive your login, go to and add the courses to be taken to your curriculum.