Sufficient means of subsistence for visa application or for prolongation stay permit for study or search year

When applying for a study visa, all students with a non-EEA nationality have to prove they have sufficient financial means to cover their study costs, and living expenses for the duration of their studies in Belgium.

There are three ways to prove you have sufficient means of subsistence (your solvency):  

1. Scholarship

A document certifying that you have been granted a scholarship, allowance or grant sufficient to cover the minimum monthly amount required by the Belgian government.
Ghent University is not involved in proving this.

2. Sponsorship

An ‘agreement for acceptance of financial responsibility’ (Annex 32).

Strict rules apply. Please read the above mentioned webpage thoroughly.
Ghent University is not involved in proving this.

3. Blocked Account procedure

Students and PhD candidates admitted to Ghent University can apply for a blocked account.
This method is highly recommended for smooth treatment of the application.

FAQs on Blocked Accounts

Do you have questions? Before e-mailing us your questions, have a look at the FAQs on the Blocked Account procedure.