Bo Dhondt



Bo Dhondt holds a master’s degree in Communication Sciences at Ghent university, specializing in Communication management. She wrote her Master’s dissertation on the use of naked appeals in (influencer) marketing. More specifically: whether the use of these appeals increase the likeability of the influencer/ advertisement. While working on her master’s dissertation, she developed a great interest in conducting research.

A couple of weeks after the academic year ended, she was admitted to start a PhD scholarship (BOF-project) at CEPEC, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Dieneke Van de Sompel and Prof. dr. Liselot Hudders. During her research project she aims to investigate how parents learn from their children during everyday interactions. More specifically, the next four years Bo will conduct research on how parents acquire consumption competences from their children.

PhD Project

During her PhD project she aims to gain insights into the knowledge and skills minors gain from online and offline advertising and how that translates into behavior and skills they use to engage in reversed consumer socialization.

Supervisors: Dieneke Van de Sompel and Liselot Hudders


Technicum, T1, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent