Dieneke Van de Sompel


Dieneke Van de Sompel is a visiting professor at CEPEC, the center for persuasive communication, Department of Communication studies. In June 2016, she obtained a PhD in Applied Economic Sciences, entitled “Insights in children's consumer related activities and reactions to advertising” at the department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University (supervisors: Iris Vermeir & Mario Pandelaere), where she was a research and teaching assistant. Her dissertation explored touchpoints children have with consuming, such as the relation between materialism and play activities and the effect of advertising exposure on children’s self-esteem. She has developed a specific research interest in examining children’s behavior from an inter-disciplinary research angle, combining the domains of communication sciences, advertising, consumer psychology and social marketing. These research interests are currently translated in two research lines. A first research line involves research on the effects of advertising cues, persuasive communication and marketing on children’s attitudes, behavior and motives (for example the development of materialistic goals, self-esteem, purchase intentions, preferences etc.). A second domain involves research on stimulating sustainable and pro-environmental concerns and behaviors in children and adolescents (for example by exploring the impact of several types of marketing interventions, such as nudges or public service announcements).
Dieneke has presented her work at international conferences in the field of communication sciences and marketing, including the Society for Consumer Psychology conference (SCP), the Child and Teen Consumption conference (CTC), The European Marketing Academy conference (EMAC), ICORIA, Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap etc. and published her research in peer reviewed journals (e.g., International Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Consumer Studies). She also served as an independent reviewer of the EU Pledge Monitoring Project in 2017.

In the bachelor and master of Communication Management, she is teaching courses such as Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communication. In the bachelor and master of Economics and Business Administration, she lectured courses such as Marketing Strategy, Marketing Planning, Sales Management, Event Management etc.




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