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Florian Vanlee


Florian Vanlee holds a BA in Stage and Media Arts from Ghent University and a MA in Film Studies and Visual Culture from Antwerp University. Throughout his BA and MA studies, he focused primarily on the dynamics between Italian neorealism and later developments in popular Italian cinema, with a special interest in continuities and discontinuities between the artistic and the popular. Since March 2015, he has been working on a FWO-funded PhD project titled ‘Sexual Diversity on the Small Screen: a qualitative research into the representation of and public debate about LGBTs in Flemish television fiction series’, supervised by professor Sofie Van Bauwel and professor Frederik Dhaenens. Using a multi-methodological approach, his research analyses the ways in which sexual and gender diversity are constructed in Flemish television fiction, how LGBT+ characters and narratives are negotiated by television professionals and how queer television theory relates to smaller national contexts.

 A full list of publications can be consulted here: Florian Vanlee

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Sexual Diversity on the Small Screen