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Florian Vanlee


Dr. Florian Vanlee holds a BA in Stage and Media Arts from Ghent University and a MA in Film Studies and Visual Culture from Antwerp University. Since March 2015, he worked on a FWO-funded PhD project titled ‘Sexual Diversity on the Small Screen: a qualitative research into the representation of and public debate about LGBTs in Flemish television fiction series’, supervised by professor Sofie Van Bauwel and professor Frederik Dhaenens. Using a multi-methodological approach, his research analyzed the ways in which sexual and gender diversity are constructed in Flemish television fiction, how LGBT+ characters and narratives are negotiated by television professionals and how queer television theory relates to smaller national contexts. After obtaining his doctoral title, he started working as a postdoctoral researcher for ECOOM Brussels, with a focus on artistic research and its evaluation in the Flemish higher education context. Since September 2020, he acts as editor-in-chief for DiGeSt: Journal for Diversity and gender Studies

 A full list of publications can be consulted here: Florian Vanlee

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Sexual Diversity on the Small Screen