Elke Mahieu

Former researcher of the research group Center for Journalism Studies of the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University.

 Elke Mahieu



Media representation
Postcolonial studies
Collective memory and international news
Critical discourse analysis
Ethnography and interviews


Elke Mahieu obtained a master in Communication Sciences at Ghent University in 2016. For her master thesis, she researched the representation of Africa in the alternative news medium MO* using Critical Discourse Analysis. After her graduation, she worked as an editor for the Flemish public broadcaster VRT and interned at the Dutch weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer.

In 2017 Mahieu started her PhD project titled 'Het verleden in het heden: Een multimethodologische studie naar de rol van het koloniale verleden in de hedendaagse representatie van Afrika in de Belgische gedrukte pers en omgekeerd' under supervision of prof. dr. Stijn Joye. She was a member of both the research group CJS and CIMS.  

 A full list of publications can be consulted here: Elke Mahieu

Research Projects

Global power relations in local media production in the context of Kinshasa (DRC)