dr. Rebeca De Dobbelaer

Former researcher of the research group Center for Journalism Studies of the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University.

 Rebeca De Dobbelaer



Health and science journalism
Framing of mental health issues and learning disabilities
Public relations


Rebeca De Dobbelaer was a teaching assistent at the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University and provided support for the courses ‘media-economie en mediastructuren’ (1st bachelor), ‘journalistieke nieuwsgaring en productie' (2nd bachelor) and 'politiek en media' (master journalism). Furthermore, she regularly taught guest lectures on the history and evolution of the Belgian media landscape. 

She worked on a PhD project about health journalism and the framing of mental health issues such as ADHD in the news. Using a multi-method design she obtained insight into the different sources, stakeholders, and content of health news coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online news brands. 

A full list of publications can be consulted here: Rebeca De Dobbelaer