dr. Sara De Vuyst

Former researcher of the research group Center for Journalism Studies of the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University.

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Gender in journalism
Feminist research
Innovation in journalism


Sara De Vuyst holds a degree in Communication Sciences obtained at Ghent University.  In November 2016, she completed her PhD project titled “Hacking gender in journalism. A multi-method study on gender issues in the rapidly changing and digitalised field of news production”. Her dissertation looks into gender rifts due to changing work conditions and technological innovation in journalism.

In October 2017, she continued her research in the Department of Communication Studies as postdoctoral researcher. She studied online harassment in journalism from an intersectional perspective. Sara De Vuyst has a passion for feminist research and is strongly interested in digital storytelling, data journalism and innovative forms of journalism.

Since May 2020, Sara has been working for the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Department of Languages and Cultures as a postdoctoral research associate.

A full list of publications can be consulted here: Sara De Vuyst