Prof. dr. Hanne Vandenberghe

Visiting professor at the research group Center for Journalism Studies of the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University.   


Ethical aspects of professional journalism
Journalistic storytelling
De relationship between (news)diversity and democracy
Media policy

Hanne Vandenberghe has been a visiting professor at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences within the Department of Communication Studies since 2021. In 2017, she obtained her PhD (Institute for Media Studies, KU Leuven) titled
"Diversity in the Flemish news media: a longitudinal and media comparative view".

Within the Department of Communication Studies, she teaches the courses Cross-media Storytelling (3rd Bachelor) and Media Economics and Media Structures (1st Bachelor).
Together with Prof. Karin Raeymaeckers and Prof. Frédéric Antoine (UCL), she was responsible for the data collection for Belgium within the pilot project Euromedia Ownership Monitor (EurOMo) (2021-2022) on the transparency of media ownership structures.