19-03-2018 JOB OFFER - Full-time junior researcher: prototyping and development for digital interactive products (IoT)
16-03-2018 CIMS Opinie: Waarom zien we enkel zeemzoete of heldhaftige beelden van handicap op tv?
16-03-2018 CIMS Studie in Knack: Vlaamse Media Framen Sexting Te Veel Als Afwijkend Gedrag
14-03-2018 CEPEC @ Forum Day and De Krook Year 001
13-03-2018 JOB OFFER - Fulltime PhD student for the FWO-project: 'Coordinating borders in contemporary youth culture'
12-03-2018 1 year De Krook - Throwback!
07-03-2018 Workshop Crisis Communication
02-03-2018 Jasmien Vervaeke elected as vicechair of DiGRA Flanders
14-02-2018 CIMS members Daniel Biltereyst and Agata Frymus on the BAFTSS Awards shortlist
13-02-2018 Gertjan Willems wins NeFCA Young Scholar Award
08-02-2018 On February 8 and 9 we are hosting the Etmaal of the Communication Sciences
08-02-2018 Call for Papers for the Conference: Rethinking the Attractions-Narrative Dialectics: New Approaches to Early Cinema
07-02-2018 Eveline Vincke on the cover of the community magazine 'Dare to Think': on the biology of love
24-01-2018 RESEARCH - Launch of the 'Kop Op' campaign
24-01-2018 RESEARCH - Annual imec.digimeter: use of digital services is booming and digital dependency is rising
23-01-2018 RESEARCH - mict supports 'Kop Op' campaign
23-01-2018 CFP Workshop 'Cinema-going in the Arab World: A Two-Days workshop on Exhibition, Distribution and Audiences'
22-12-2017 NEW PUBLICATION - How can labels affect trust on online shopping websites
21-12-2017 Presentations of the 2017 Communication Cases
20-12-2017 Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2018!