12-06-2018 John Peters (Yale University) laureate Sarton Medal ( laudation)
05-06-2018 Update on the Symposium 'Remaking European Cinema'
01-06-2018 OPINION - Glen Joris about the price of privacy
01-06-2018 The partners of the imec.icon demand-driven research project ARIA present a prototype of an Augmented Reality interface
01-06-2018 OPINION - Bart Vanhaelewyn: Facebook isn't the only one to blame!
01-06-2018 Prof. dr. Koen Ponnet launched a book about socially responsible innovation in security
01-06-2018 PUBLICATION - news repertoires of the 50-65 age group
29-05-2018 PUBLICATION - The development and testing of a child-inspired advertising disclosure
22-05-2018 SPECIAL ISSUE: Digital Advertising and Consumer Empowerment
22-05-2018 CEPEC organizes the doctoral colloquium of ICORIA 2018 in Valencia
22-05-2018 Symposium: 'Remaking European Cinema' at Ghent University (1 June 2018)
15-05-2018 RESEARCH - GDPR: to what extent do organizations comply with the current privacy legislation?
03-05-2018 One day workshop on curating and sharing the data of media history at Homer@NECS, Amsterdam (27 June 2018)
27-04-2018 Stephanie Van Hove and dr. Anissa All conducted user tests with AR for Van de Velde
26-04-2018 Prof. dr. Tom Evens co-authored a book about the transforming television markets
25-04-2018 PUBLICATION - Mobile Exergaming in Adolescents' Everyday life - Contextual Design of Where, When, with Whom, and How: The Smartlife Case
24-04-2018 Prof. dr. Koen Ponnet launched a book about sexting
23-04-2018 CIMS Members Lies Van De Vijver and Sofie Van Bauwel at the next Pint Of Science
23-04-2018 Prof. Sofie Van Bauwel on 'Online Activism' at the Sophia Evening with Sally Munt
23-04-2018 PUBLICATION: news repertoires of the 50-65 age group