MENARG is primarily dedicated to the production of knowledge about - and critical insight into - the politics, society, and economy of the contemporary Middle East and North Africa. Affiliated researchers are also concerned with issues and phenomena that link the MENA to Europe and the global world order: neoliberalism, "Islam", the so-called "war on terror", and solidarity.

Research domains

Domains of research include, but are not restricted to:

  • Social movements, revolution, and contentious politics
  • Islamism and religious mobilization
  • Urban studies and the politics of space
  • "Globalization" and the dynamics of political change and continuity in the region
  • Conflict, (market) institutionalization, and state (re)constitution (cases include Iraq, Somalia, and Palestine)
  • Ideological change and the politics of meaning
  • The impact of the "war on terror," particularly the production and diffusion of ideas and practices associated with it
  • "Islam in Europe"
  • Islam and civil society in central and southern Asia, and in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Biopolitics, bio-economy and the political economy of assisted reproduction, gender and sexual politics.