PART 14: Feedback and exam inspection

1. Feedback

In the feedback period (see academic calendar), every student is entitled to feedback and inspection of the examination copy and papers submitted in the context of non-periodical evaluation after each examination period. If, for legitimate reasons, a student was absent at the scheduled feedback moment, it is possible, after agreement between the lecturer and the student, to organise feedback and inspection of the examination copy at a different time. The Education and Examination code explains all formalities regarding feedback and exam inspection in detail. The Education and Examination Code can be consulted via this link: Studying/reglement.

Only the feedback overview of the first bachelor year courses can be consulted via the faculty website: All other feedback opportunities will be communicated by the lecturer via the relevant Ufora course site.

For a number of courses of the first bachelor year, feedback is divided into group and individual feedback. Students who want to receive individual feedback have to be present for the group feedback. On Minerva it is communicated on time for which courses group feedback is organised.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment regarding the study progress and / or study approach after the feedback period with the monitoring service.

2. Exam inspection after feedback period

Every student has the right to inspect his / her exam copy, up to and including one month after the announcement of the relevant exam result. To this end, the student has to contact the lecturer or student counsellor of the course involved. This exam inspection involves viewing the exam, without feedback.