Online platforms

Students at Ghent University need to be able to handle multiple platforms. This can often be confusing. This page contains more information about the most commonly used platforms, how they work and how to access them.



The Ufora platform is the electronic learning platform of Ghent University.
Ufora grants (you) access to a web-based course management system and several information sites. It also hosts lots of extra information about your courses, classes and exams.

Athena (x/m)

Athena is your research and software gateway for your course assignments. You can access the platform by using the internal Ghent University network, as well as from home or on the road using the AthenaX service or AthenaM for mobile devices


Plato is focused on streamlining the administration of research papers and masters’ dissertations. You can submit your proposal and title and receive feedback. On this platform you can find out whether your proposal has been approved or not, as well as who audits your thesis.



The Oasis web app contains important information about your enrolment. You can also access and edit your curriculum here. The platform permits users to send vital information to the administration. Furthermore it allows you to view your exam results and your re-enrolments, to access important documents and to manage your Masters’ dissertation.


    Curios is an advanced testing environment. It offers you a varied supply of question types for both trial exams as self-evaluation tests. Getting feedback, results and reports is possible on all platforms and browsers.