Application faculty research fund

For information on faculty funding for research activities see regulations faculty funding.

Application for faculty research fund and faculty mobility fund.

  1. Follow the guidelines in the online forms (usually either stay abroad or research activities in Belgium) register all the details and submit
  2. Applicants will receive a confirmation of the registration by mail ( = reminder to hand in the whole file)
  3. Get approval of supervisor (only for doctoral students) and chair of the department
  4. Submit the whole file - either per mail or in print version
    • (Printed) application form and attachments should be sent to or hand in at the office of the Dean (Lutgard Schockaert - Universiteitstraat 8 – 1st floor) after approval of supervisor (only for doctoral student) and chair of the department.

The following attachments should be enclosed in the application file:

Attachments in case of stay abroad

  • SAP travel registration
  • Invitation
  • Copy application FWO
  • In absence of a FWO application: Description of the work with planning (max. 1 p.)
  • If applicable copy work placement agreement

Attachments in case of activities in Belgium

  • Extra documents as justification
  • If applicable copy application FWO

Other applications for faculty funding -Document available at departmental secretary

  • stay of foreign senior researcher - funding for incoming visitor

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