Dr. Maxime Vandenberghe

BiographyCredits: Eduard Delputte

Maxime is a postdoc (FWO) at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University and a visiting professor at the VUB. His main research interests are federalism, ethno-territorial politics, consociationalism, and party politics, with a particular focus on Belgium. In his PhD thesis (FWO, 2023), he used quantitative methods to study the impact of decentralization on ethno-territorial conflicts in Belgian cabinets (1979-2018). He published in high-ranked journals such as EthnopoliticsSwiss Political Science Review, Regional and Federal Studies, and Acta Politica. In the past, Maxime was a research assistant at the University of Bath (UK). Presently, he is involved in the masters course 'Belgian federalism' at Ghent University and he teaches 'Introduction to Belgian Society & Politics' at the VUB. In his postdoc project, he studies political conflicts across Western democracies (1990-2020) to assess whether certain systems of government (federal/unitary) are more prone to conflict and to check whether the electoral consequences of conflicts differ depending on state structures.

Research focus

  • Federalism
  • Consociationalism
  • Party politics

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  • Belgian federalism
  • Internship


Address: Campus UFO - Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent

Phone:  +32 9 264 91 80


Twitter: @MaximeVdberghe

Linkedin: Maxime Vandenberghe