Pieter Moens


Pieter is a Phd candidate and junior assistant at the department of Political Science. He holds an MA in Belgian Politics (2011) and Conflict and Development (2013), both obtained at Ghent University. His main research interests are the internal organization of political parties and political professionalization. He is currently working on a PhD project (2015-2021) based on a survey among political staffers from Belgium and the Netherlands. His goal is to connect the discussion on political staff to existing theory on political parties, such as electoral-professionalism, the opinion structure of parties, cartelization and democratic accountability. As a teaching assistant, Pieter is involved in courses on Belgian federalism, Introduction to political science, Current political problems and the internship program.

Research focus

  • Political staff
  • Party organisation
  • Political professionalisation

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Address: Universiteitstraat 8, 9000 Ghent

Phone:+ 32 9 264 91 80


Twitter: @PtrMoens