About CuDOS

The research group CuDOS is a collaboration of different research strands that aims to gain insight in and build up knowledge within the fields of cultural sociology, educational sociology and research into gender and sexual minorities.

CuDOS stands for Cultural Diversity: Opportunities & Socialisation.

CuDOS also refers to a specific research approach, summarized in a number of guiding principles for solid scientific research expressed by the sociologist R.K. Merton:

Communalism, Universalism, Disinterestedness, Originality and Scepticism.

Communalism entails that scientific results are the common property of the entire scientific community.

Universalism means that all scientists can contribute to science regardless of race, nationality, culture, or gender.

Disinterestedness according to which scientists should not present their results entangled with their personal beliefs or activism for a cause. Scientists should have an arms length attitude towards their findings.

Originality The claims by researchers must be novel and add something to our knowledge and understanding.

Scepticism means that scientific claims must be exposed to critical scrutiny before being accepted.

In line with these principles we aim to disseminate and discuss our research findings with different audiences and promote multi-disciplinary research that is both innovative and rigorous.

Finally, while our research is often highly relevant to policy makers and practitioners, we endorse a view of social science research that is not influenced by personal beliefs or activism for a cause.