Lisa Colman

Lisa Colman

Status: Phd researcher

In 2017 Lisa Colman graduated as a Master of Science in Sociology at Ghent University. For her master’s thesis, she analysed, using quantitative multilevel analyses, the relationship between divorces and the development of adolescent externalizing deviant behaviour within the school context. After these studies, Lisa started a second master in political science (international politics), which she obtained in September 2019. The topic of her second master’s thesis was about macroeconomic policy decisions, especially during the European debt crisis, and the link between European populism.

September 2019, she started as a teaching assistant at the Sociology department of Ghent University. She teaches workshops in sociological research, coordinates sociological courses, guides students in various individual- or group works and arranges the organisation of exams.

Currently, Lisa is preparing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Piet Bracke. In her PhD, she will focus on the socioeconomic gradient in psychotropic medication use, and the excess-use of psychotropic medications. Quantitative analytical methods will be used to conduct this research.