Marlies Bockstal

Marlies Bockstal

Status: Volunteer researcher/member

Marlies Bockstal obtained her Master of Science in Sociology in 2019 at the University of Ghent. For her master’s dissertation, she conducted a qualitative study that focused on the interactions between young children and their dogs in the family context.

In August 2020, Marlies started working at the University of Ghent as a junior researcher. She worked on two research projects: the FWO (Rode Neuzen Fonds) project ‘A culturally-sensitive stigma survey’ and the European VAX-TRUST research project.

Marlies is currently associated with the University of Ghent as a volunteering researcher. She is also a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Nik Taylor, as part of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies at the University of Canterbury. Her PhD research is situated within the multi- and inter-disciplinary field of Human-Animal Studies. In her PhD research project, she will focus on the breeding practices of pedigree dogs, drawing from critical sociological, intersectional and (eco)feminist approaches.