Seminar 'The certified cash register and flexibility in the Hotel, Restaurant and Café Industry' | 19.10.2017

  • In Dutch – Original title: 'Witte kassa & flexibiliteit in de horeca'
  • Slides

Closed seminar 'Abuse and social fraud. Does ordinary law offer solutions?' | 29.03.2017

  • In Dutch – Original title: 'Misbruik en sociale fraude. Biedt het gemeen recht oplossingen?'
  • See the project 'Abuse of law'

Second IRIS Summerschool | 13-14.08.2014

  • 'The fight against cross-border fraud at a supranational level: feasibility, desirability and necessities, best practices and lessons for social fraud'

Workshop on similarities and differences between the (inspection) services in the fight against social and fiscal fraud | 14.05.2014

  • In Dutch – Original title: 'Workshop gelijkenissen en verschillen tussen de (inspectie)diensten betrokken in de strijd tegen sociale en fiscale fraude'
  • Workshop in cooperation with the Social Intelligence and Investigation Service (Sociale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst/Service d'information et de recherche sociale – SIOD/SIRS)

Seminar 'Triangular Labour Relations' | 21.11.2012

  • In Dutch – Original title: 'Triangulaire Arbeidsverhoudingen'
  • Programme
  • Slides [in Dutch]

First IRIS Summerschool | 23-24.08.2012

Seminar 'Joint and several liability within social law' | 25.06.2012

  • In Dutch – Original Title: 'Hoofdelijke Aansprakelijkheid doorheen het Sociaal Recht'
  • Programme
  • Slides (Part 1 Part 2)

The official installation of IRIS | 5.07.2011Installatie receptie


In addition to events of its own, IRIS/members of IRIS also actively contributed to the following events:

Netlex Conference 2018 'Making the rights real for workers' | 27-28.03.2018

Thematic review workshop on data mining for more efficient enforcement - European Platform tackling undeclared work, Helsinki | 01-02.06.2017

'Promoting decent work on the European labour market. Better compliance and enforcement.' | 08-09.02.2016

Benelux Conference 'The role of regional cooperation in the European fight against social dumping' | 30.11.2015 – 01.12.2015

Benelux Seminar Social Dumping | 23.09.2015

  • At this seminar Bart Tommelein, the then State Secretary for the Fight against Social Fraud, announced the Benelux recommendation on social fraud:

'Lunch briefing on atypical employment in aviation', ECA, Brussels | 27.03.2015

  • Slides Dirk Gillis and Lien Valcke: 'Atypical forms of aircrew employment in the European aviation industry - with a focus on self-employment'

Conference 'Atypical forms of aircrew employment in the European aviation industry', Paris | 12-13.02.2015

'Underground economy', seminar by the Centre for Policing & Security | 13.03.2014

  • Slides Professor Jorens and Dirk Gillis: 'Sociale fraude: een complex fenomeen met een nog complexere controle?'

BLUS colloquium 'The fight against social fraud, labour exploitation and human trafficking: challenges and solutions at national and EU level' | 19.12.2013

  • In Dutch/French – Original Title: 'De aanpak van sociale fraude, arbeidsuitbuiting en mensenhandel: uitdagingen en oplossingen op nationaal en EU-niveau' / 'La lutte contre la fraude sociale, l'exploitation au travail et la traite des êtres humains: défis et solutions aux niveaux national et européen'
  • Programme [in Dutch]
  • Slides Professor Jorens: 'De strijd tegen sociale fraude: balanceren op een slappe Europese koord' [in Dutch]
    [See also Jorens, Y., The fight against social fraud: balancing on a European tightrope. The Belgian example., European Journal of Social Law (2013) 4.]