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GELI Brown Bag seminar with Professor Dr. Violeta Moreno-Lax (
Professor Dr. Violeta Moreno-Lax will present her research on why 'Autonomy' should Not be Considered a General Principle of EU Law: Insights from the Law of International Organisations. The seminar will take place on Friday 5 July at 13h – 14h30 in the LLM room. There will be sandwiches for all registered participants.

Please confirm your attendance by replying to, by Friday 9h00 at the latest.


New publication by professor Inge Govaere and professor Sacha Garben on "The Interface Between EU and International Law"
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publicatie prof. Govaere


Hester Kroeze published an article in the European Law Review about the case-law that is associated with family reunification rights derived from article 20 TFEU. It reviews the post-Ruiz Zambrano case-law, and explores what we know about the conditions to derive a residence right on this basis, as well as the gaps that still exist in the framework. The article can be found via the Westlaw database or upon request (

Ref: H. Kroeze 'The substance of rights: new pieces of the Ruiz Zambrano puzzle.' E.L. Rev. 2019, 44(2), 238-256.


Professor Peter Van Elsuwege and Dr. Merijn Chamon will present their study on the law and practice of EU association agreements at the European Parliament Committee on Constitutional Affairs on Wednesday 20 February.

The study is available here.


New publication by professor Peter Van Elsuwege on “The duty of sincere cooperation and its implications for autonomous Member State action in the field of external relations”

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New publication by professor Peter Van Elsuwege on “The law and politics of post-Soviet constitutionalism”

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New publication by Hester Kroeze: "Distinguishing between Use and Abuse of EU Free Movement Law: Evaluating use of the “Europe-route” for family reunification to overcome reverse discrimination"

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In the latest issue of SEW Dr. Merijn Chamon and former student at the Ghent European Law Institute Ayana Dootalieva share their analysis of the Wightman case in which the ECJ ruled that the UK can unilaterally revoke the notification of its intention to leave the EU.

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European evening lecture 2019

On Monday 18 March professor Piet Eeckhout (University College London) will hold a lecture on "Brexit and the future relations between the EU and the UK". This lecture is organised by the IED and Ghent University. Click here for more information.


The volume on 'The Legislative Choice Between Delegated and Implementing Acts in EU Law' edited by dr. E. Tauschinsky and prof. W. Weiß has been published by Edward Elgar and contains a chapter by dr. Merijn Chamon entitled 'Beyond Delegated and Implementing Acts: Where do EU Agencies Fit in the Article 290 and 291 Scheme?'.

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New publication by professor Peter Van Elsuwege and professor Stanislas Adam

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On Friday 14 December 2018, Dr. Maksim Karliuk succesfully defended his PhD thesis “The Eurasian Economic Union. An Emerging Autonomous Legal Order”. Supervisors were Prof. dr. Peter Van Elsuwege and Prof. dr. Liudmila Pavlova (Belarusian State University).


New publication by professor Peter Van Elsuwege and professor Roman Petrov

The book “Post-Soviet Constitutions and Challenges of Regional Integration. Adapting to European and Eurasian Integration Projects”, edited by Prof. Peter Van Elsuwege and Prof. Roman Petrov is now available for pre-order.
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New publication by dr. Merijn Chamon

EU Agencies - Legal and Political Limits to the Transformation of the EU Administration
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publicatie Merijn Chamon



New publication by dr. Ilina Cenevska

The European Atomic Energy Community in the European Union Context. The ‘Outsider’ Within.

publicatie Ilina Cenevska

Blogpost by prof. Peter Van Elsuwege

LSE comment by Merijn Chamon en Guillaume Van der Loo:

A Brexit could make it easier for Scotland to join the EU as an independent state



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