After graduation

Will you be graduating soon? What will that be like? And what will your future bring? Perhaps you had made a plan, but Covid-19 has made you question it? Or, maybe you haven’t made a plan yet and are not sure where to start? Let us provide you with an overview of your possibilities.

Continuing your education

Do you want to keep your head buried in your books for a while longer? Are you on the look-out for a suitable way to continue your education?

Did you know that Ghent University has a vast number of postgraduate degrees on offer?

Find out which master’s, master after master’s or postgraduate programmes you are qualified for based on the diploma you obtained. This is the perfect way to broaden or deepen the knowledge you acquired!


Explore your possibilities at Ghent University Association partner institutions

Have a look at the Higher Education Register

This platform allows you to get acquainted with every study programme Flanders has on offer.

Getting a PhD

You might be considering embarking on a PhD at Ghent University. Find out what your possibilities are and which steps you should take.

Going abroad

Even though this might not seem the obvious choice right now, an experience abroad is definitely worth considering. Whether you want to study, do an internship or conduct research; all of these possibilities are right there for you to explore!

Getting a job

Ghent University’s Career Center puts you on track for success!

Ghent University’s online career platform provides you with an overview of a wide range of company profiles, job vacancies and career events. Explore what’s on offer in order to get a feel for what is out there career-wise, and land your first job!

Graduating in corona times

Congratulations! After years of dedication, lots of studying and hours of hard work, that well-earned diploma is (almost) yours. Graduating in 2021, however, will be slightly different than what we have been used to.

How and when can I access my results?

Some things never change. As per usual, you can check a complete overview of your exam results through Oasis. The dates have been adjusted and the feedback sessions will be organised differently.

Will there be a graduation ceremony?Visual champagne

Of course! Graduation is an important milestone, which we won’t allow to go unnoticed, even though times are challenging. Because of these exceptional circumstances, we will actually have two graduation ceremonies: we are currently working on both a digital and a real-life gown-and-cap moment!

How and when will I obtain my diploma?

We will send you your diploma by mail as well as digitally. In order to do so, we need both your home and email addresses… Please check whether your personal information is correct!


Is your personal information up-to-date?
Want to make sure the name on your diploma is correct? And that your diploma ends up in the right mailbox? Want to gain easy access to Ghent University’s Career Center and the alumni database?
Check your personal information through OASIS and correct if necessary

Welcome, alumni!


Your diploma grants you access to Ghent University’s vast alumni network. That network comes with a great many benefits, ranging from connections to fellow alumni, access to exclusive alumni events to job offerings. So, hurry up and register your name in the alumni database. Although, figuratively speaking, you’ll be closing Ghent University’s doors behind you, our slogan “once part of Ghent University, always part of Ghent University” underscores that we want to maintain a close relationship with all our former students. After all, as an alumnus, you will be an important ambassador for Ghent University!

Bye bye, Ghent University? We prefer: ‘See you later!’

Detailed information about free registration, the international alumni chapters and ambassadorship can be found at the alumni website.


You are not on your own! Get in touch in case of any questions:

Are you looking for further information about continuing your education or getting a PhD? Do you need some advice concerning the move from university life to the labour market?

The student counsellors at the Student Counselling Office are available for a chat.

Looking for more information about Ghent University’s international alumni relations?

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