After graduation

After years of dedication and lots of studying, you are graduating. What will that be like? Perhaps you have made a plan but don't know where to start. Or maybe you have no idea what the future will bring? This overview will help you on your way.

    Getting a job

    Preparing for the labour market

    What starting a career will be like? How to take your first steps on the job market? The Student Career Hub offers information, tips and tools to get you started.

    Job opportunities and career events UGent Career Center

    Do you want to know which companies are looking for graduating Ghent University Talent? Discover a wide range of company profiles, vacancies and career events in the Ghent University Career Center.

    Note: change your Ghent University mail address to your personal mail address after registration (via 'account settings' in the user menu). This way, you'll maintain easy access to the Ghent Career Center after graduation.


    Would you rather be your own boss and is there an entrepreneur in you? DO! is the contact point for entrepreneurship at Ghent University.

    Orientation year in Belgium for non-EEA graduates

    Continuing your education

    Do you want to keep your head buried in your books for a while longer? Are you on the look-out for a suitable way to continue your education?

    Master and postgraduate degrees

    Find out which master’s, master after master’s or postgraduate programmes you are qualified for based on the diploma you obtained. This is the perfect way to broaden or deepen the knowledge you acquired!

    Lifelong learning

    Take a look at Nova Academy for the continuing education opportunities Ghent University has to offer!

    Ghent University Association partner institutions

    Higher Education Register

    This platform allows you to get acquainted with every study programme Flanders has on offer.

    Becoming a PhD student

    You might be considering embarking on a PhD at Ghent University. Find out what your possibilities are and which steps you should take.

    Going abroad

    Whether you want to study, do an internship or conduct research; all of these possibilities are right there for you to explore!


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