Our brand new building houses flexible and dynamic spaces that can be used for testing, training and demonstration:

  • A process and wastewater treatment hall in the broadest sense and tailored for the entire food industry 
  • A hall for the processing of vegetables and potatoes from harvested to packaged product, to which modular mobile pilots for water treatment can be connected 
  • Storage space at different temperatures 
  • Fermentation space for solid state and (fed) batch fermenters 
  • Analytical and microbiological laboratory

Pilots VEG-i-TEC

Cutting Machinecutting machine

  • Brand: KRONEN – GS10-2
  • Type: Belt cutter with a wide range of cutting blades
  • Capacity: Avg. 100 kg/h (can go up to 400 kg/h)
  • Application: Slicing/cutting a wide range of food products in various cuts, mainly within the vegetable and potato processing industry

Washing bathWashing Machine

  • Brand: KRONEN – GEWA3800V-Plus
  • Type: Wash bath according to helix principle/propagation and recirculation of water
  • Capacity: Avg. 100 kg/h (can go up to 400 kg/h)
  • Application: Washing of (cut) vegetables, potatoes etc. under various conditions (with or without disinfection, purification, etc.). Incl. rinsing with fresh (ice) water.


  • Brand: KRONEN – KS-100 Plus
  • Type: Basket centrifuge (batch)
  • Capacity: Max. 10 kg/batch (avg. 100 kg/h, can go up to 400 kg/h)
  • Application: Drying of (cut) vegetables

Multihead weighermultiweight

  • Brand: GKS – CM-B-14 FFW
  • Type: Multihead weigher for wide range
  • Capacity: Up to 50 dumps/min, 0-3000 g per dump
  • Application: weighing of products (vegetables, potatoes, etc.) for both fresh (e.g. lettuce) and frozen, incl. rolling products, for a subsequent packing unit.


  • Brand: GKS - Unipack
  • Type: Vertical flow packer with adjustable gas mixer (MAP packing)
  • Capacity: Up to 50 bags/min, 0-3000 g per bag
  • Application: Packing fresh or frozen products

Cooling and freezing tunnelFreezing tunnel

  • Brand: Air Liquide – FP1P-Flex
  • Type: Cryogenic (nitrogen) cooling and freezing tunnel with interchangeable belt
  • Capacity: Avg. 100 kg/h (can go up to 400 kg/h - depending on product and process settings)
  • Application: Cooling or freezing of (cut-up) food products, whether blanched, deep-fried or not, etc. Possibility of working with (liquid) coatings/products.

Flexible BlancherBlancheur

  • Brand: Spiessens
  • Type: Flexible blancher usable as band blancher and immersion blancher
  • Capacity: Avg. 100 kg/h (can go up to 400 kg/h)
  • Application: Blanching of food products in different conditions (hot water spraying, direct steam contact, underwater) with three adjustable zones (incl. recirculation of water flows). Cooling via air and/or water.


  • Brand: Spiessens
  • Type: Air dryer
  • Capacity: Avg. 100 to 150 kg/h
  • Application: Drying of food products (eq. fries)

Baking OvenBakingOven

  • Brand: Marel
  • Type: Electric band fryer with Teflon band
  • Capacity: Avg. 100 kg/h (product dependent)
  • Application: Baking of coated/uncoated/breaded food products

Fermentation and extraction equipment

Climate ChambersClimate chambers

  • Brand: Weisstechnik
  • Type: PharmaEvent C/1300
  • Capacity: 3x 500 kg
  • Application: Performing stability tests with large storage capacity


  • Brand: Sartorius
  • Type: BioStat
  • Capacity: BioStat A+ 2L, BioStat C+ 5L en BioStat C+ 30L
  • Application: Controlled scale-up fermentations of various food products; control of temperature, pH, oxygen supply, stirring speed, gas mixture and substrate possible.

Spray DryerSpray Dryer

  • Brand: BUCHI
  • Type: Mini Spray Dryer S - 300
  • Spray Dry gas: Compressed air up to 7 bar
  • Range: 80 - 1800 L/min
  • Evaporation capacity: 1,0 L/h water
  • Supply: 0,1 - 30 mL/min

Oil pressOil Press

  • Brand: Kern Kraft
  • Type: KK Ölprinz
  • Capacity: 15 kg seeds/h
  • Application: Cold pressing of all types of seeds

High Pressure ExtractorHigh Pressure Extractor

  • Brand: Berghof
  • Type: BR 1000
  • Capacity: 1 L
  • Application: Extractions under high pressure up to 200 bar. This can be done under stirring, and reactor can be heated to 300°C. Pressure and temperature are monitored internally.

Advanced analytical equipment

  • spectrophotometric techniques (UV-VIS, FT-IR) and fluorescenceService 2Service 1
  • gas chromatography (GC, GC-MS)
  • liquid chromatography (LC-DAD/RI)
  • ion chromatography (IC)
  • high resolution chromatography (UPLC-Q-TOF-MS)