Our brand new building houses flexible and dynamic spaces that can be used for testing, training and demonstration:

  • a process and wastewater treatment hall in the broadest sense and tailored for the entire food industry 
  • a hall for the processing of vegetables and potatoes from harvested to packaged product, to which modular mobile pilots for water treatment can be connected 
  • storage space at different temperatures 
  • fermentation space for solid state and (fed) batch fermenters 
  • analytical and microbiological laboratory

Advanced analytical equipment

  • spectrophotometric techniques (UV-VIS, FT-IR) and fluorescenceService 2Service 1
  • gas chromatography (GC, GC-MS)
  • liquid chromatography (LC-DAD/RI)
  • ion chromatography (IC)
  • high resolution chromatography (UPLC-Q-TOF-MS)

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