About us

VEG-i-TEC is a living lab for the potato and vegetable processing industry.

VEG-i-TEC buildingWe help the food industry with implementing technological innovations related to potato and vegetable processing:

  • Water and energy management
  • By-products
  • Food safety and food quality
  • Food processing
  • Hygienic design
  • Economic, ecologic and social impact

For whom?

Internal use or specifically for eg.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Technology suppliers (eg. Water, sensors,…)
  • Potato and vegetable processing industry
  • (inter)national research groups and organizations


Innovative research and services

  • Both executive and facilitating
  • Different project forms: collective, 1 on 1, whether or not (partly) subsidized
  • Theses, internships, student projects,…
  • Training/workshops/demonstrations etc. both in industrial or academic/educational context

Partners and support

This living lab has been made possible by the cooperation of several national and international partners in 3 pioneering European projects:


Team leaders

Team Veg-i-TEC