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Project budget: € 1.069.000 of which € 427.600 support through ERDF, € 213.800 from the Flemish Hermes Fund and € 70.000 from the province of West Flanders.
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Proeftuin slaThis project aims to set-up a testing facility (Living Lab) for (West)Flemish (but also more internationally) food companies, to reduce the existing gap between research and eventual market penetration. Nowadays, the step from research phase to the implementation of technological innovations is often still too large or too complex for the respective companies.

The design of a mini-food factory with modular pilot lines and a corresponding water treatment room allows both food processors and water technology providers to test alternative and innovative technologies on a representative scale and on various unit operations (washing, cutting, etc.). Next to the establishment the modular processing line for the processing of vegetables from crop to packaged product, a water piloting room will be established allowing the flexible set-up of different water treatment steps.

Pilot zones will be created containing all required facilities among these different water sources will be available for direct or indirect use. The interconnection between the water hall and the processing line will allow the investigation of potential reuse of process water.

Within this living lab, it is possible to map the economic, ecological and social impact of various technologies.

The project,  combines the expertise of Ghent University, TUA West and VLAKWA with focus on the companies from the Proeftuin pilootwater technology and potatoes, vegetables and fruit sector. A multidisciplinary network will be built around the various areas of expertise present in the (academic) research world, the practical centers and the business world. Through regular consultation between the members of thematic working groups, cross-fertilization to other sectors will be made possible. In this way, in addition to the co-creating aspect, a controlling aspect can also be addressed in which new users, possibilities and market opportunities are discovered and discussed.

The European project ‘Proeftuin Voeding-Water’ (Living lab Food-Water) was submitted within the framework of the ITI (Integrated Territorial Investments) West-Flanders within the ERDF Flanders programme. The total project cost amounts to 1,069,000 euros, for which the partnership receives 427,600 euros of European support through the ERDF Flanders programme. There is also 213,800 euros of co-financing from the Flemish Hermes Fund and 170,000 euros of the West Flemish Province.


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From June 2017  to September 2021