About VEG-i-TEC

VEG-i-TEC is a living lab for applied research, training and demonstrations in order to innovate and optimize. VEG-i-TEC wants to facilitate the implementation of technological innovations for the industry, which are often (too) large or complex to handle themselves. The focus is also on new technologies, water (including disinfection) and energy management, by-products, food safety and (organoleptic) quality, hygienic design and the economic, ecologic and/or social impact.

VEG-i-TEC is open for cooperation within an (inter)national context or through specific tailored research projects.


Projects in the picture

  • FAIRCHAIN: An innovative packaging machine for small and medium-sized actors.
  • ECO3 project: Ecotoxicologically sound removal of crop protection agents from water from the vegetable and potato processing industry.
  • Effsep project: The project is aiming at gaining insights into various crucial processes involved in macronutrients (protein, polysaccharide and lipid) recycled from food by-products.
  • Interested in valorization of Brussels sprout stalks?