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Project summary

serre_irrigatie.jpgThe main aim of this project is to investigate the potential of treated domestic wastewater as an alternative water source for irrigation of open field vegetables, taking into account food safety and economic feasibility.

What does this project want to achieve?

1.      Is there a "natural" disinfection or growth in the storage of treated domestic waste water? And what is the microbial composition of this type of water?

2.      What is the survival time of pathogens on cauliflower, spinach and green celery after irrigation with treated household wastewater?

3.      How can treated domestic waste water be transported cost-effectively from a water provider to the plot with underground pipes?

4.      And how can the joint operation of a water distribution system be framed financially and legally?



Start: 01/02/2022

End: 31/01/2024