Josefin Sefbom


Phone 09 264 85 04
Category post-doctoral grant recipient




Freshwater protists do not go with the flow: population structure in Gonyostomum semen independent of connectivity among lakes
Sassenhagen, Ingrid; Sefbom, Josefin; Sall, Torbjorn; et al.
(2015) ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 17 (12) 5063-5072

Germination and colonization success of Gonyostomum semen (Raphidophyceae) cysts after dispersal to new habitats
Sassenhagen, Ingrid; Sefbom, Josefin; Godhe, Anna; et al.
(2015) JOURNAL OF PLANKTON RESEARCH 37 (5) 857-861

Priority effects in a planktonic bloom-forming marine diatom
Sefbom, Josefin; Sassenhagen, Ingrid; Rengefors, Karin; et al.
(2015) BIOLOGY LETTERS 11 (5) Article Number: 20150184