About us

The Biology Department plays a pivotal role in the education of biology students by offering courses in a wide range of biological disciplines, centred around ecology, evolution, functional biology and biodiversity.

The single Bachelor and various Master’s programmes place the organism in the focus, whether considered as a member of a species (Biodiversity), as an interacting partner with its environment (Ecology), as the result of an evolutionary process (Evolution) or as a functioning entity (Functional Biology).

Research at the Department is essentially fundamental in nature, and is carried out in 13 research groups in various zoological, botanical and ecological disciplines.

Finally, the Department has close links to the Botanical Garden and the Zoology Museum, each of which plays an essential role in the training of biology students, and in the support of various research programmes.

Prof. dr. Luc Lens (Department Chair)

Sustainability Committee Biology

The sustainability committee of the Biology Department aims towards minimizing the ecological foot print of her students and staff members and to create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable work- and study-landscape.

Faculty Committee Scientific Research (FCWO)